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Hello, I'm a Mompreneur ready to help you get your business off the ground, all you have to do now is say YES to the opportunity. I'm an experienced Social Media Manager, Wix, Shopify E-commerce Website Designer and Logo Designer for small businesses.

Four years ago I decided I wanted to start an apparel line that appealed to women who are finding their voice. Only problem was, I knew nothing about owning an apparel business nor did I have any clue how to get this business off the ground. Let me tell you the first thing about myself that most people that know me will vouch for...I am frugal and if I can figure out how to do something on my own, I'll figure it out.. So, lets start with the website part of my new business venture. All I had was a name, It took me 2 weeks (which felt like 2 months with all the frustration I endured) to learn what felt like a foreign language to build out my Shopify website. Then I realized, I don't event have a logo! LOGO, how do you do that without paying someone? Well, there went another month and lastly, I had to figure out how to design my images for my apparel, you guessed it, I had to learn another foreign language using a 3rd party dropshipping platform to create my apparel. I get what you are thinking, thats a lot of time wasted when I could have paid someone. 

Here I am, years later and a survivor of what felt like the impossible. I have built out numerous websites, created more content for businesses and social media that I can count and I am a self proclaimed EXPERT at building websites, managing social media, designing logos and creating content.

Welcome to Back Porch Brands, I cannot wait to work with you to transform your brand.


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